Today’s Totems

The Totem Altar
Goddess Totem

The Navajo goddess Spider Woman is our goddess for today. She is here to show that the collective dream is happening between our imaginations and the universe. Call to the best within us and weave the world into reality through intentionality and humility. We can’t control the form; accept life on life’s terms. The most beautiful dream will spring to life as if by magic when Spider Woman appears. Stay with it. Your dreams matter and are needed.

When creations are not in alignment we must be accountable. Repair the break if you hurt someone. Release what you cannot commit to. Call in Spider Woman’s powers of wisdom and co creation for help. Move out of separation and into seeing that all life is interconnected and sacred.

Angel Totem

AA AZRIEL is the angel of birth and death, of crossing the threshold and of transitions. It’s time for a transition in your life. One part is ending and another awaits to take its place. Your guidance is to release the old through courage and grace and prepare for the birth of something expected but unknown. The universe is supporting you. Healing, inspiration and love are pouring in from the angelic realms. Something good is coming into your life. Enjoy it.

Crystal Totem

It’s time to embrace your sensitivity and gentleness. Be open to what you are entitled to receive. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. You do not have to engage in battles that serve no one. You are able to handle whatever dramas are in front of you right now.

You are not alone. You have a solid foundation beneath you. Gentle assertiveness is called for. Through the strength of vulnerability be honest without over sharing. By letting others see you are on a healing path they may be inspired too.

Let abundance flow. Draw on your intuitive, empathic nature to go with the flow of opportunities to build wealth and seeing where to cut your losses. Connect with the Conscious Universe.

Morganite is a heart cleansing crystal. It helps release old patterns, wounds and blocks that are obstacles to loving relationships. Meditate with morganite to connect with divine love and remain open to receiving love from others and from Spirit.

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