Full moon in Gemini during Sagittarius Season Altar for Ritual

Anyone else doing a life review, revisit and revise tonight?

I’m retelling my story in words that vigilantly validate me and shifting perspectives to life affirming, soul aligning, Spirit connected ones.

This is the light work we do as the darkness turns toward the light. The sun is aligned with the center of our galaxy and all hearts feel the energy building as we near the Solstice on the 21st.

The portal has opened. As the moon becomes completely full around 8:30 Pacific tonight, may you feel whole. May you be well, free from suffering, and infinitely connected to the Source of all Creation.

We are one. We are connected like the multiple expressions of the Divine that we are. You are never alone. May love rule and abide in you always.

Happy Full Moon/Solstice/Yule/New Year portal. The gateway is here. The bridge has come. These are the magical times of transmutation and transformation.

Alchemize your wildest, bravest, most true and noble version of your highest self. Access the portal to your Divine Self through self-love, self-compassion and inclusiveness. And remember the legions of support within and around you.

It is the doorway which opens tonight to the wondrously blank slate of the new where you create and manifest into being the illuminated New Age of Aquarius.

Blessed Be. A’ho!🙏

Amen and So It Is. ❤️

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