Ask Your Divine Self Oracle Read

Look through your 5D soul eyes, the essence and Truth of you. Our 5D self is loving, wise, sees all and remembers why we are here…to love.

Look at the situation through your 5D soul eyes and you’ll see it more clearly. You will feel it more clearly too. Perhaps even you might sense that whatever the situation, it is simply here to awaken you and those around you. Try not to hold onto judgement around the situation. Let it be and you’ll see the Truth and love in the situation and ultimately, within you.

As we journey through this doorway between the Solstice and the new year, between the portals of 2021 and those of the next year, 2022- take time to reflect, reconsider and reexamine life.

Set some intentions for what you wish to experience more of and release the energy that you have outgrown. Release first, then open to receiving the new energy. It’s a beautiful way to fly through this in-between portal space and create more of that which you desire.

Manifest your intentions by tuning more into your Higher Self, the 5D soul within you.

Merry Everything. Happy Anything. And Divine Love Always.

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