Finding the Buddha Within

From 2012


There is a Buddha within us all

Aching to be revealed and to be unleashed

To find its home on the outside

To love from the inside out

To walk in the world and not be scared

To believe in every sentient being

To bring us bliss in every day

There is a Buddha waiting

In our hearts beating for all

Loving you and every other

There is a Buddha at your altar

Bowing before God and you

Bestowing its kindness on us all

There is a Buddha wanting to show

How brilliant you really are

Dancing with you in sunlight

Dreaming together under moonlight

Holding your hand through life

There is a Buddha in you

Shining like no other

Your inner guide and teacher

Your companion and friend

Your intuition and instinct

Listen, be still and hear

There is a Buddha in you

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