Twin (Multiple) Flames 🔥🔥

The divine masculine and feminine are in each of us and we are creatures inclined to mate so we seek one or others to fulfill those desires. What has happened is that the masculine has overbearingly taken over the feminine energies on Earth and we are now rebalancing this through also universally comprehending that through the rise of the feminine we ascend and by ascend we mean our frequencies raise and we get closer to the next dimension. The next dimension supports our sovereignty, is literal heaven on Earth.

The twin flame concept for me has evolved further into the realm of fantasy. If your counterpart is unavailable (aka in a 3rd party situation) perhaps it’s officially time to close that damn chapter. If that isn’t possible, just wait. God’s got him. And God’s got you. Ain’t no use worrying. Trust the process and see the future as it is becoming your most heartfelt dream come true. Your higher power would only give you divine, unconditional love. Spirit put that dream there so Spirit has a plan to see it through.

To everything there is a season and a purpose under heaven. A time to try, a time to give space. A time to confide, and a time to listen. There was a time for war now is a time for peace, revival, revolution. If there was ever a time to love and live, this is it.

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