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Volcanic eruptions of feelings create grounded roots…

…with ascending branches holding leaves, fruit and nature.

Meditate more. Drink more water. Less smoking. More exercise. Vary routine.

Ask for help. Listen more.

I AM changing. I AM the change.

WE ARE changing. WE ARE the change.

The volcanic eruption creates fire dragons who clear the old for a new pathway. Their fire breath clears our way forward. The air element mixes with the spirit of the fire dragons to create more hybrid dragons. These dragons then begin to refract negativity and draw in love, peace and light (and more ease/graceful/positive flow) with help from the unicorns and angels.

You are anchoring in light. Every right action anchors it more into planet Earth and this present moment.

The crystalline core of Earth holds a vision of how to save humanity. It lights it up on a map for the celestial and cosmic to see.

On macro so the micro. Your crystalline core is guiding you. The inner work yields the outer rewards but we must show up, put in the time and rest, too.

Patience, grace, diligence, effort, rest, temperance, inclusion, stillness.

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