It’s a wrap 🌹

21 days of the most deep, profound guided meditation I’ve ever experienced: the Ocean and Rose Meditation.

April has been a very challenging month for me since my grandfather committed suicide on 4/8/95 and my subsequent psychotic break in April, 1998. Being uncomfortable and frozen in April was something I had just gotten used to. I believed it would always be a challenging month of the year despite the beautiful freshness of Spring in the air. The irony of it (and 27 years at that) had finally suffocated me enough. Sometimes it takes long, excruciating pain to move, to change, to alter a belief. It doesn’t have to but for many of us, pain is the great liberator.

I’ve been studying in Danielle LaPorte’s Heart Centered Membership program under a scholarship for about half a year. Every month at the new and full moons we meditate. At the full moon we pour out love on Gaia in the Earth Adoration Meditation and on new moons we transform a pain point into colored light frequencies via the Ocean and Rose Meditation.

The Ocean and Rose Meditation spoke to me from my first experience with it. The meditation itself can take 5 mins or you can do a more conscious, through one in about an hour. The meditation starts essentially by saying a dedication of merit, calling in spirit helpers and guides, and bringing down chi from huge suns. Then we whisper a pain point into our first pink and white rose. There are 21 in a basket next to us on an expansive beach. We sit close to the water as the waves gently roll in. After we whisper our pain point, we release the rose into the ocean where it dissolves. We repeat for 21 times. Then the water washes up to our core center and releases all stagnant, stale energy and is replaced by colored light frequencies: rose colors, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and indigos and purples. These frequencies not only raise our vibration, they heal us and transmute the pain point. Through self healing, the planet heals too.

After meditation, Danielle recommends we do some aftercare such as stretching, yoga, bathing and a water-to- Earth offering. This seals the practice and heightens the experience of release and transformation.

If you’re interested in purchasing the meditation, you can do that here. Cost is pay what you can pricing, $25- $35 for the meditation kit. If you’d like to try the meditation live with Danielle and other heart centered members, you can do that here. Cost is $15 to $3, pay what you can. I recommend doing both but for $3 you can join us and try it out for yourself. It’s deep, profound and beautiful.

So this April 6 through today, I did the ocean and rose meditation for 21 days and bought real roses to assist the development of my meditation senses. Grateful for this practice. Grateful for Danielle and VS for creating this gorgeous practice. And grateful to begin to see April with fresh, new eyes…

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