In love

Butterflies rock my inner equilibrium

Bouncing my boat to and fro

With your presence and certainty

I am in love with everything about you

From living on the land

To working an honest day’s wage

So much of you points to me

Reflecting the teenager I used to be

If we turn the page and you’re gone

Please hold my hand along the way

I’m in love with your consistent effort

Your reassuring encouragement

The way you show me you love me

On days when I don’t know how to be

Your curious intelligence takes over

Your my past life best friend in the now

I’m in love with the imaginary you

The one that loves me too

Where we never left each other alone

Took the whole world by storm

And knew that living was only with you

I’m in love with the creation we made

The boyish charm you radiate

Your goofy, jolly, carefree stance on it all

Drive me crazy but you’ll always be

The only one I’d want to dance with

I’m in love with so many aspects of you

Never going to give you up or quit you

This small speck of existing is huge

This tiny moment of being in love

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