Full Moon in Capricorn: Reflections on our change

The moon is full today and so I’ll write and release in order to further heal. I did it on the last full moon and I’ll also do it next month. These cyclical processes have helped me become more aware of what needs releasing in my body, life, world. It clears out the junk to make room for more treasures. Gems like peace, light, love, beauty and joy.

Mountains are calling my spirit. The Shasta one at the root core of our planet, and the Sonoma one where I will work with a shaman to celebrate and grieve my Mama. They’re a symbolic metaphor for something bigger, something far greater happening within me, and on the planet.

The vastness of the sky when I look up keeps pointing me back inward toward the spaciousness within. Your soothing presence keeps watch over it all.

I stumble towards a future not yet visible and a realm existing only in the imagination. But you’re here with me in this space, at this time, trekking the same obstacles.

All 7 billion of us stand side by side against a wimpy few holding us here. Their power will crumble as ours is made flesh.

New visionary hearts in a dark, cold world where growing pains splurge over into something epic and sustainable. A dramatic change in the algorithm where humanity and Earth collide, taking us from the artificial dream to the vibrant reality beneath our feet.

On the land, in the sky, throughout the atmosphere; everywhere, everything is in motion, adapting and changing, preparing and reconciling for a new way and yes, a most holy day.

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