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Positive covid home antigen test: 7/20/2022
Fever meter

On Monday, after arriving home from Mt. Shasta, I started feeling off. I experienced a very tight, upset stomach and actually thought the cramps were reminiscent of kidney stones I’ve had in the past. I got an xray and urinalysis my doctor ordered to see if it was indeed kidney stones. When both tests came back negative, I was baffled. What was causing this discomfort in my abdomen? I knew it wasn’t nothing.

On Wednesday morning I tested positive for covid. The prevalent strain, BA.5 is highly contagious and has caused a wave of the virus this Summer. The first symptoms were headache and runny nose. Soon after, the gastrointestinal symptoms developed. I threw up Tues night and knew then it was most likely covid.

The gastrointestinal symptoms and the respiratory ones make this covid virus particularly difficult to recover from. Nausea is intense and the stomach instability makes functioning difficult. The runny nose, cough and fever only add to the misery. The best thing to do is to take Tylenol, cough syrup, antihistamines, vitamins and electrolytes and rest.

Sleep has proven the great healer once again. I get winded from walking to the kitchen but feel much better when resting, sleeping.

My kiddo tested positive on Thurs. We are recovering together. I’m hopeful no one else in my bubble will test positive and praying for our full, speedy recovery.

Get vaccinated. Get boosted. Wash hands. Wear a mask.

The pandemic is far from over.

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