Lion’s Gate Read 2022

Archangel Oracle Cards by Diana Cooper (top, left). Mystic Sisters Oracle by Emily Balivet (top, right), Dollar Store Tarot Cards by Dollar Tree (bottom)

This opening stack trumps the rest of the reading. It is the overarching energy. We open with Archangel Zariel who teaches about opening the heart chakra to give and receive love. He reminds us to follow the spiritual laws. Pictured with him are two wolves, one alert and one resting. Balance maintains equilibrium. Love.

Witches’ Brew keywords are cultivate, healing, refine. You are being asked to refine your own qualities of constancy, attention and imaginative consideration. In your chosen interest, fill in the gaps of your knowledge. It is well worth knowing that you don’t know. Humility.

Ace of Swords to clarify represents a new beginning. Speaking your truth brings a new source of power and strength flowing in. Truth.

Love, Humility, Truth are the guiding principals at this time and will guide us as we progress on the path.

Cooper archangel deck, Dollar store Tarot, The Halloween Oracle by Stacey DeMarco

Be a blazing light, enter higher planetary service, screams Archangel Roquiel.

The Underworld and Winter speak of the sacred pause. We are in a holding space pattern at this time. Winter brings the sacredness of pausing and the underworld is where all things pause and begin again. Our action/advice is to pause.

3 of pentacles represents collaboration and community toward your goals, projects, work. How can we utilize our group determination to get the project done?

Pause to meditate and consider how you, we, us can best be the blazing lights in service to higher planetary service.

Archangel Oracle by Cooper, Oracle of the Shapeshifters by Lucy Cavendish, Dollar store Tarot

In conclusion, Archangel Bhokpi whispers the loving support,”Its time to fly. Listen to your intuition.”

Fiona and the unicorn bring the gift of sacred sight as you meditate and ponder.

Knight of Swords brings a shift in perspective of how things could be different and better and how to transform them.

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