The Reunion

You ran, I exploded while the world was on the precipice of imploding

And while my confessions were pure, your antics were not

Sitting here now, it all seems a daze when the memory of us was made

Silent in your stance, the only one you’ve held to; the only one I’ve known

Your hermit mode neglected my fool’s appetite for something new

And even though our world is crumbling, we remain at odds in war, still

One chance to see you near is all I’ve ever asked, in this time and life

My luck runs out every time the chance to love draws near. The heart wants what it needs.

If ever our circles’ circumference touches, the overlapping would manifest a heaven of dreams

If ever never comes, I’ll see you on the other side where karmic debts are paid and twin souls are reunited

Until this very pressing time comes, when reunion manifests,

Know I’m in your field, and you’re forever a hiccup in my mind

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