A February Sunset on September’s Full Moon

This early September Full Moon, I post a February sunset to recall winter’s beautiful skies that are coming soon. The storms bring darkness, but with it comes the miraculous return of the spectacular light. As another hot spell winds down tonight, I am reminded of this light shift, of this weather change, of the freshContinue reading “A February Sunset on September’s Full Moon”

Full Moon Dreams Tarot: The Wheel of the Year

from the inspiration of inception to the memories of death,from the depths of winter to the long days of summer,our cycles evolve, change, grow and expandto meet the needs of the ever present now. as the years float into decades and centuries,as the miles melt away into voids of space and distance,we become who weContinue reading “Full Moon Dreams Tarot: The Wheel of the Year”

Enjoying the Summer Toddler Moon – from ecomii blogs

Wow! I guess this is my twin or something! Read on: When I was 7 months pregnant, I was throwing up everyday. I mean not just everyday but like, three to four times a day. That’s right. It was about equivalent to what and when I ate. My little baby womb was not having it.Continue reading “Enjoying the Summer Toddler Moon – from ecomii blogs”