One of the most powerful lessons we are here to learn, I have discovered, is to love: to love ourselves, to love each other, to love our life, to love the planet, to give and receive love. It is this journey that I am most interested in. This journey of love is my guide and my teacher.

Born, raised and stayed in San Francisco Bay Area. Graduated from Cal. Taught junior and high school English for awhile. Edited a national, controversial New Age magazine. Mom to an amazing daughter.

I’ve loved and lost, gone crazy, pursued sobriety and am looking forward to more movement along the journey.

What I have learned is as we open our heart chakras more and more, we allow more love into our space, into our auras and energy fields. These include our physical, mental, spiritual, etheric, karmic, and cosmic bodies that make up who we are. We, as a collective, are all connected, integrated and share many commonalities (such as: a final destiny, our physical body, pain, suffering, life). Once we open to the compassion that exists in this Truth about our similarities, we can open our hearts to everyone and everything, and feel the love and acceptance of the world. This will heal us and the world.

I’m looking for ways to restore us to our open hearts. Here’s a list of what I’ve found helpful to improve energy flow to the chakras, especially to the heart chakra:

Reiki, meditation, yoga, walking, writing, talking softly and gently w a loved one, crystals, essential oils/aromatherapy, baths/water, stretching, massage, music that you love, dancing, letter writing, drumming, ritual

Open your heart as much as you can.

Be well. Stay blessed.

Love always has the final say.



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