I am a believer in raw, organic flow. I love candid honesty and I think peeling the onion allows us to delve deeper into ourselves. Truth comes from within. We are the greatest teachers and students of our own lives.

Lessons repeat until learned or mastered and one of the most powerful lessons we are here to learn, I have discovered, is to love: to love ourselves, to love each other, to love our life, to love the planet, to give and receive love, etc. etc. It is this journey that I am most interested in. This journey of love is my guide and my teacher. Won’t you come along with me?

It’s not all rainbows and butterflies but, guess what? It is that, too. I try to walk on the sunny side of the street. When I get pulled off course, the best solution is to rely on my kindred spirits to pull me back into their court and love me up- this can include family and friends but also angels in disguise. 

I’m not here to sell you anything or to provide you with any credentials. I’m just a single, at-home mom that cares about people, about humanity and about the Earth. This blog is mine and all posts are by me.

I’m here as a voice in the wild, calling to anyone who might have a second to share or listen in.

I am a Goddess soul-spirited rainbow love/peace warrior walking the sacred path of Great Mystery. I follow the inner promptings of my higher self and my innate inner wisdom which is connected to Source. I let Light into my astral, energetic, physical and emotional bodies everyday for healing and transmutation. I invoke higher powers of Love, Light and Goodness to spread into my bodies and the world around me. I am a Loveworker and a Lightwarrior. I stand for Light and Love. I live in peace.

Be well. Stay blessed.

We are all connected. We are ONE.