If I… In this life and In this space.

If I die today, know I loved you

Know I loved you yesterday

And all the yesterday’s prior
And that I will love you more
With every tick of the clock
Moving us into tomorrow.
If I stare too long at you
Treasuring you in this moment
It’s because I have such love
For you in my open heart
And am anxiously awaiting
A soul connection with you
In the life and in this space

Ripped Paper Questions

Who are you?

Why didn’t you visit me or answer my calls?

Were you ever concerned about me at all?

Would you ever accept my apology?

Did those messages come thru and did you record them?

Do you blame me for everything the way that I do you?

How can we fix this mess?

Why do you think you have had such a profound affect on me and my life?

Are you willing to answer these questions?

If not, why?

Do you think I still care about any of this?

You’ve moved on, why can’t I?

Do you cry like I do at night when I think about what might have been?

Do you know that in this life I have been two people?

I give and do you even know that I do?

Do you even see me? Feel me? Know me?





Spiritual Mind Treatment

I know and have faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and in Christ Consciousness which is available to all. I realize that we are one with this Christ presence. The Divine qualities of Love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are here within us now. May we embrace them. I am grateful for this spiritual Truth enlightening the world now. My Trust and Faith are with Christ Jesus of Nazareth and in our own Collective Christ Consciousness. I let go and let God. And so it is. It is done. Amen.

Written by angelicmoonfairy

Spiritual Mind Treatment prayer design/outline by Ernest Holmes who wrote Science of Mind and founded Church of Religious Science

Quit Smoking

Today marks the sixth day of no smoking. Holy cow what a miracle. How it happened was I had a quit date set for Friday, June 16th and that date had been set for several months. Well, on June 14th, that Wednesday, as life and God would have it, I ran out of both money and my personal cigarette stash. The Universe lined me up for the perfect quit day!

Day 1 was pretty easy. I am using the patch and very infrequently vaping a minor amount of milligrams of nicotine when my breakthrough cravings get really intense. I was very fired up to quit on the first day and so it felt like the time went fast and like it was easy to do. 

Day 2 and 3 were rough. Lots of symptoms like headache, cravings and irritability. I learned a mind trick from my sister. It’s best to confront your subconscious with this non-smoking head on. Tell yourself, “Okay, basically I’m going to want and crave a cigarette for the next 90 days. So, that’s just going to be a fact. Now I am going to make a different choice. I am going to choose to not smoke and do something healthy instead. Each time I make this choice my muscle for non-smoking builds.” Let the 90 day countdown begin. After the first 90 days you will feel some relief. However, the battle really isn’t done until you reach the 5 year mark but you make marker point progress along the way. The first 90 days are the most difficult when it comes to withdrawal symptoms. 

Day 4&5 I found out that sucking on lollipops can be a great distraction from cravings. What works for you? Also, I drink a lot more water than before and I find myself moving in more feminine ways. I’m getting in touch with more of my femininity now that I don’t stink all the time.

Day 6 I spent outside near water. It felt amazing to be outside. I’m pondering going through my non-smoking materials again just to get some new insights and more ideas and support. Perhaps tomorrow. I meditate regularly now. Thinking of switching from coffee to tea. 

I’m happy to have quit and will record progress not perfection here. One day at a time. One lollipop at a time. One breath at a time. 

Wishing you a smoke free life. 

American Tears

Together as one nation we stand

Taking heat in our Homeland

For all the sins of this government

We clearly did not vote in

There is undeniable immorality

Because of the house of white’s rigidity

But here we are (all of us) held captives

To their games being played to make us reactive

So we sign the petition and march at rallies

They take our money, programs and allies

This climate change is real

The weather we can all feel

When will we see the future together?

The common oneness of Her

To save ourselves and the planet

For our future and not for profit

These checks and balances falter

This USA must be altered

Tiny cries go unheard for now

But we will have our day somehow

God bless America

God bless the global, new idea



The Reasons Why

To be a healthy role model to my daughter
To save money
To smell good all the time
To breathe better/For my health
For freedom from bondage of the addiction to nicotine
To free my time that is spent smoking
To develop healthy coping skills and utilize them day by day
To take life “one day/moment at a time”
To be accountable for my actions
For me, myself & I (and my Higher Power always within me)
To hear my intuition and guidance more clearly
To feel the accomplishment of being a nonsmoker
For my family and true friends
To live a better lifestyle
To believe in me
To set a goal and see it through
To learn how to ask for help when needed
To learn how to deal with the triggers in my life
To learn how to go through post-accute withdrawal successfully
To use my toolbox of spiritual tools and add to it during this process
To share my experience with others (my experience, strength, and hope) along the way
To journal my process that it might possibly serve others who are trying to quit or want to quit, too
To believe in the power of prayer, good intentions and positivity coupled with action steps toward progress
To work an honest program that thoroughly and completely transforms my soul, spirit, body and mind
To envision a new me and then see it to fruition
For a better, more clean environment and atmosphere
For a chance to make a difference and a change
For the possibility of transformation both individually and collectively

All Things New

Dear God,

We remember today, the pain and suffering of the cross, and all that Jesus was willing to endure, so we could be set free. He paid the price, such a great sacrifice, to offer us the gift of eternal life.

Help us never to take for granted this huge gift of love on our behalf. Help us to be reminded of the cost of it all. Forgive us for being too busy, or distracted by other things, for not fully recognizing what you freely given, what you have done for us.

Thank you Lord that by your wounds we are healed. Thank you that because of your huge sacrifice we can live free. Thank you that sin and death have been conquered, and that your Power is everlasting.

Thank you that we can say with great hope, “It is finished…” For we know what’s still to come. And death has lost its sting. We praise you for you are making all things new.

In Jesus’ Name,


Find more by Debbie McDaniel at www.debbiemcdaniel.com

Good Friday Prayers

Sweat Lodge Prayer

Great Creator,

We come before you in a humble manner and ask for your help. We offer these herbs and pray. To the four sacred directions and powers of the Universe we pray: to the spirits of the air in the north, to the spirits of the fire in the east, to the spirits of the earth in the south, to the spirits of the the water in the west.

We pray and give thanks to you, O Great Spirit.

We pray and give thanks to Grandfather Sun, the Grandmother Moon, to the Mother Earth, and our relations in Nature. We thank you for your power, energy, gifts, and resources, because without you we would not be able to live and survive. We ask that you forgive us if we have ever harmed or hurt you. We pray, offer this tobacco and herbs, and ask that you doctor us, heal us, purify us, and protect us. We pray for our Elders, women, children, and fellow human beings.

We ask for peace, harmony, and healing wordwide.

Thank you, Great Spirit.


Dream Prayer

O Great Creator and the good doctor spirits. I offer you this tobacco and sacred cedar. I ask for your help. I want to learn how to develop and use my dreams, to remember my dreams, and to learn from my dreams. I ask that the spirit of this cedar and good powers protect me while I experiment with this dreaming power. I ask that my soul be my teacher and protector. I ask that I be given a dream ally who will serve as my teacher, adviser and guardian. I ask that you protect me from all bad thoughts, powers and entities. Teach me how to creatively develop my dreams, to use dreams to answer certain questions, to resolve problems in my life, or to decipher dreams that I don’t understand. Thank you for all of your help and assistance. I feel so much gratitude in my heart for these insights and abilities.

Morning Sun Salutation

To tap into the power of the Sun, you must get up just before sunrise, go out and make prayers, sing and dance, and give thanks to Grandfather Sun. Give thanks for meeting the new day with a new life. Let that power and energy flow into you

Take a glass of water with you. Talk and pray to it, to the spirit of the water as well as to Grandfather Sun. If you are sick, hurt, or having bad luck, or if you have been damaged in any way, ask the Grandfather Sun to shine his strong healing power, beauty and light into that water. After you have prayed for your family and yourself, drink that water. It will doctor you, heal you, and strengthen you.

I visualize the bright, warm power of Grandfather Sun slowly cleansing and recharging each of my psychic centers that are connected to the major glands of my endocrine system. I visualize a waterfall doing the cleansing. Repeat this affirmation: “I will be strong, I will be healthy, I will be happy, I will be protected, I will have a long life.” Then I hum, “I will be one with the Sun” four times. When I do this I can actually feel my vibratory level rising and all tension, anger, and frustration leaving my mind, body and soul. Sometimes I see an eagle come soaring in and try to merge my consciousness with his and fly through the sky, so relaxed, peaceful and happy.

-From Native Healer: Initiation into an Ancient Art by Medicine Grizzlybear Lake, with minor adaptations by me, angelicmoonfairy.



The blackbirds, they follow me, call to me, sing with me. I see them wherever I am as guardians watching over me. The time has come to let go this Spring during this massive retrograde. To turn within instead of looking forward. I remain still and question what it is that is making me itch, what is blocking me, what is pounding on my heart and head. I call to the wild somewhere in this city and find peace in glimpses of nature. The time has come to detox, again. Preparing to quit has to be the hardest part. It is the beginning. Yet, it is the end. I look to my ashtray as a friend and enemy. You must go. I look to my lighters. I need fire for sage, candles, holy things. Not for this cigarette anymore. I must make peace with this element. This holy gift on Earth and cherish it for what it is. I must see fire in a new light. As a tool for change. There is no other way anymore. We are ascending and up I must go.
Setting a quit date is a day of reckoning for me. I must keep my promise to God. I must believe in myself. I will do it. I will count all the reasons why. I write them out and post them on my fridge or wall for all to see. This is why I am a non smoker. This is why I quit today and everyday forward. This is my motivation. This is my sanity. This is my devotion. This is my list of why.  I take an inside look and begin again. Yet, again.