I Love You, Dad

Father, father strong and brave

Lead in your way so true and bold

Thank you for your sacrifice

Your gentle yet powerful stance

This daughter is grown because of you

This wife is loved and well in your strength

All women live in your precious love

Your ladies honor you today and everyday

For all you do for us and always

Thank you, Daddy, you are amazing

Your little girl will always look up to you

Even though she’s grown with her own

Hugs and kisses to you now and forever

Happy Father’s Day


Faery Fae Fairy

Fly free little one

Let your wings guide

Sprinkle your dust

I believe

Miracles created

Enfolded and enveloped

Dancing and spinning

Twisting and turning

To and fro as you go

You are so true to me

My mystical, magical being

Friend to those who see and know

Your power and delicacy

Your gentleness and loyalty

Your freedom and protection

Float on precious one

Loving those who love in return

Pure white magic