A Lover’s Plea

Look. You could get it if you wanted. You put it on like a glove and flaunt it but really the animal inside hides for fear of exposure. It’s been tamed and chained. But you hit me in a way that makes me want to lay it down right. I’ve told you I loved only you from the start. But you don’t reciprocate so I bundle it up and let it break. The sadness needs nurturing and the heart needs mending. I see in you a place that’s safe where maybe I could start all over again but trust this I ain’t easy to handle. I’m deep and honest. I love to the core of you. I expect the best, the real, the loyal and the sacred. I give it all in return. All the rest is a journey to get to you. I’m swimming as fast as I can and you should be, too. I’ll cage the lioness and tame the beast but it’s getting more and more difficult. They need you. They want you. Please come quickly, my love.  I ache to be with you.




Dear God/dess:❤🙏

You promised and I believe you. I trust in Your plan but can you throw a girl a rainbow 🌈 ?! It’s time.

Thanks, God.