Source of All Blessings

Source of All Blessings I am Grateful for My life for the Blessings of My breath the beating of My heart Source of All Blessings I am Grateful for Beloved Ones who share life with me those in our world beside me and those in worlds beyond my knowing Source of All Blessings I am […]

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You are Energy and are fully responsible for what you bring to this planet. If you agree with hate, divisiveness, racism, etc. you are fully contributing to the problem. If you support “the wall”, the taking away of our affordable health care and placing full restrictions on abortion and birth control (telling women what to […]


Dear God:

Teach me to remember that You are my help and my shield always. Let me rely on You and not on this world. As we go inward to commune with you, let us feel Your holy presence and be soothed by the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Beginning each day with prayer, we trust that […]

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Thank You, Heavenly Father

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your constant, unfailing, unconditional love that fills our lives everyday. Thank you for your Truth, Grace, Mercy, kindness and for gently teaching us how to exude these qualities in our lives. Thank you for the Holy Spirit who comforts and consoles us as we mourn, grieve and feel through […]

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Peace Prayer

Let there be peace on Earth May peace begin in my heart May God’s love, light, power and presence be with us all and surround the planet May we walk in love and beauty every day of our lives May loving kindness fill our souls and may everyone feel connected to the human family that […]

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