Ripped Paper Questions

Who are you?

Why didn’t you visit me or answer my calls?

Were you ever concerned about me at all?

Would you ever accept my apology?

Did those messages come thru and did you record them?

Do you blame me for everything the way that I do you?

How can we fix this mess?

Why do you think you have had such a profound affect on me and my life?

Are you willing to answer these questions?

If not, why?

Do you think I still care about any of this?

You’ve moved on, why can’t I?

Do you cry like I do at night when I think about what might have been?

Do you know that in this life I have been two people?

I give and do you even know that I do?

Do you even see me? Feel me? Know me?





Toolbox for Reducing Stress

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Avoiding negative triggers

    • news

    • negativity

    • energy

    • people

  • Increase positive influences

    • people

    • music

    • vibes

  • Increase physical activity

    • walking

    • gently stretching

    • tai chi

  • Deep breathing

  • House environment

    • clean

    • smudging

    • crystals

    • declutter

    • open windows and blinds

    • add light

    • new plants

  • Hold crystals

  • Beanbag meditation

  • Joyous Activities

    • writing/journaling

    • oracle cards

    • reading

    • hiking

    • gardening

    • playing with cats

    • being connected w daughter

  • Visualization/Guided Imagry

  • Vision Boarding

  • Crafts

  • Prayer

  • Nap

  • Read

  • Hang with friends

  • Enjoy nature

  • Watch a candle burn

Mother Earth

The long and tedious moment

Seemed to last a lifetime

As I sat alone and cried.

I wish people would disappear

Just for a moment or two

So I can live my life alone

In solitude and solidarity.

Feeling through pain, hurt and loss

Would rejuvenate my laughter

And spark creativity.

We want what we don’t have.

We dream that to be better.

What I see in One will not change

What I see in the other.

I wish all the freeways

Would disintegrate into seeds-

Seeds of huge Weeping Willows.

I would climb those trees

And swing upon their branches.

I would make love to them.

I wish no walls or squares ever existed.

I wish the world was one

And if I looked outward

I would see a land of Godpeace and Earthbalance-

Full of forest, mountain, waterfall.

I wish all electricity and technology

Would just go away for awhile

So I can see the illumination of stars

And feel the language of Beautiful Earth.

Why can’t we put electrical outlets

Into Earthdirt floors and plug our cord

Into an energy source?

I wish I was alone, lying nude

On a grassy hilltop, gazing up at clouds

With near silence, trees and animals.

I wish to experience myself

Without unnecessary distractions.

I wish to make love to Mother Earth-

To constantly and passionately

Make love and love alone.

Starry-Eyed Intention

There she was in the midst of her dream, having it all before her. The overwhelming sense of security filled every molecule of her being and she knew that this was something close to what was known as love. There in the water, she saw her reflection in the moonlight and something strange happened. Not only did she see herself in a new light, the light of night, but the light of something dawning within that only the tragic could have formed and transformed.
She sat on the moist ground next to the lake and made her body bend over into the stream even further to see herself. The tears would come soon, she knew, but she held them back for now, wanting to know her quiet solace for a moment longer. She sighed at her loneliness but knew that this too, was a gift. Touching her left arm with her right hand, she caressed herself. She gently soothed the ache within with her own hands. Her own healing power she used upon the wounds within. This is where our story begins.
When she was a child she dreamed of other-worldly things: of unicorns, magic and make-believe. Now she was living it. Soon, her own protector would come to her quickly. Her tears were a sign and symbol that help was needed, that she was not to be alone on her path any longer. Strength is in numbers and it is through the power of the sacred totem animal that carried the crystal of her birth that this magic awakens within her. Her unicorn, UNI, would be by her side the moment a tear fell. She knew this and held back from crying just a moment longer.
It wasn’t that she didn’t want UNI to come. It was that she wanted to be able to self-soothe and heal. She quietly affirmed that everything would be okay. She told herself firmly that she was fine and that this too shall pass. Visualizing the water washing over her, she could see her soul and aura being cleansed from deep within. She took a deep breath in, “I am fine. I am made in the wholeness and likeness of my Divine Creator. All that I am is well and loveable. In the midsts of chaos and confusion only clarity and vision will remain.”
The first teardrop fell and from the vapor made by the warmth of the night and the water by the lake, UNI appeared. The trees surrounding the lake rustled and she moved back from the water a little to cuddle closer to this warm sentitent being. She had been with UNI for many decades now and had grown very familiar with his ways. He appeared gracefully and delicately beside her, placing his nuzzle right on her lap and wrapping his legs around her back for a hug and an extra sense of protection.
The light of UNI was grand. The energy is at once fierce and fiery while being nurturing and calming. It cleanses away sorrow and negativity and replenishes strength, courage and fosters even more love within her. It is as if her entire chakra system is recalibrated and her aura is shifted to a new level of becoming when she in the presence of her UNI.
This being is here to teach her, to guide her and to protect her. It is also here to comfort her during her pain and sorrow, as is the case now. UNI knows telepathically why the young girl is sad. She has just lost a part of her soul, an essence of her former self. She has shed new skin. She is forming a new life. She cries for the past, for what was. She does not see the future yet nor the lessons. It is UNI’s job to teach her. UNI does not know about death nor about the grieving process. It is the girl’s job to teach UNI about the these things and about the past. So in a sense, they are both each other’s teacher’s in this life, in this space in time. At this lake, they are here to learn together. This night, though, it is as if time has stopped.

Love Warrior

I Am a Warrior for Love

I am a powerful warrior.

I embrace that I’m a warrior for love.

I allow myself to be one with the Divine.

I allow my heart to be open to all that there is.

I accept the magical powers that come with being a warrior of love.

I am a much-needed part of this divine imprint.

I love reinventing myself.

I love being unrecognizable to all those around me.

I give my heart and soul to God.

I am a warrior of love and I’m enough.

I am a warrior for love and I matter.

When I stand in being a warrior for love, all things come as they should.

I accept my badge, my duty, and my gift of being a warrior for love.

I will remember every day that I’m a warrior for love.

I can see myself as a warrior for love.

I am a warrior for love.

by Debbie Ford from Courage: Overcoming Fear and Igniting Self-Confidence