My Divine Friend



Manifestation, Magic and More


This morning I did some old fashioned candle magic using Doreen and Grant Virtue’s Angel Blessings Candle Kit. I choose grey for repelling, absorbing and clearing unwanted energies. I used orange for career changes, new beginnings, legal matters and communications. Ganesh is associated with grey and AA Gabriel is associated with orange. I let them burn down just a bit, as I like to burn them often and during various ceremonies. I also love to watch them burn at different sittings and see how the flame varies. There is a journal that accompanies the kit and I wrote my “ATTRACTING” wants and desires in there and my “RELEASING” patterns and energies in there, too. It’s a flow of energy that happens as I do these ceremonies. It’s as if I’m releasing what I don’t want and making more room for what I DO want into my life and the candles help to accentuate that process. As I stare into their flames, I literally feel my soul and psyche taking in my intentions and releasing old energy. This is a wonderful feeling and I highly recommend all sensitive Light people who are “stuck” or in need of an energy boost, work with candles or crystals, or as I do, BOTH! It will dramatically change your energy and help you feel better instantly. Thank you angels, crystals and candles for your healing this morning! I love you so much and am so grateful for your magic, energy and love.



This is the infamous Happy Butterfly Lightworker Community/Family plant! It still is growing wonderfully and I love this plant soo much! I got it around the time the HBLF formed and have had it every since. This plant speaks to me as if a fairy/elemental and has had Divine revelation in my life. I had it outside on my balcony for quite awhile but then, I missed communicating and seeing her everyday, all day, so I brought her back into my kitchen! She gives me soo much love and support and I am so grateful for her. I call her “Butterfly” or sometimes just “Happy”. She likes both names! There are two “fake” flowers in her now: a pink daisy my daughter found somewhere and a purple rose my ex beloved gave me when he came from Alaska to visit. He handed it to me as he exited the plane. Both are very special and hold high frequency. So she now sits on my kitchen altar holding Divine space for manifestation, miracles and more! This plant is such an amazing creature, as is the HBLF! Jackie, founder or HBLF, had to go ‘off circuit” for awhile due to personal and family issues. She was off grid for about a year or so. I missed her very much and our community was very concerned as she disappeared suddenly. We all took counsel with each other and communed with one another and prayed fervently during that time. I am happy to say that she is back in action now and in circuit and on the grid again! Her energy is so special and contagious. She gives so much to our community and I have to say we all feel more uplifted when she is around. She is our leader, our guide, our mentor and our special counsel. God chose her for our community guide and she is someone very special to me. She is my Light Sister, my Divine Sister and my friend. I love her so much. Her talent is endless and her heart is something special to this world. I will link to her site above in next post.


Here’s to Life, Love, Friendship and Miracles Abound,


aka Angelicmoonfairy

For Jackie…

AA Michael, AA Ariel, Violet Flame, Fire Dragons and Christ Jesus:

I call upon AA Michael to guide, guard and protect Jackie and her children as she goes through this journey and transition into new power and wholeness. I ask a million trillion angels to be with her and her family. I wrap her in a triple white light of Christ energy through which nothing can enter but love. On top of that I triple wrap her in the energy of AA Michael and a solo wrap of AA Ariel. These seven layers act as both a healing and a protector for her and her family. I call upon the Fire Dragons to breathe fire into her future and set forth a clear path and a new vision for her full of access to new opportunities for her healing work. I call for the Violet Flame to come and clear away all negativity and transmute it into the highest form of love energy possible. It is done. It is finished. She is happy. She is well. She lives in joy. Thank you AA Michael, AA Ariel, Violet Flame, Fire Dragons and Christ Jesus for this healing and for this miracle in her life and in the lives of her family. We bless her with so much love, light, wisdom and friendship. May she return to the grid soon. IN JESUS’ NAME WE PRAY, AMEN.


reiki-hands-and-rainbow Reiki55 CHO KU REI ReikiImage 001



Prayer for Practice and Readings

“I ask that all readings with my cards be accurate and specific, and bring blessings of health, wealth, and enlightenment to everyone involved. Please God help me to stay centered in my Higher Self so that I may clearly hear, see, feel, and know the Divine Messages that wish to come through these readings. Archangel Michael and Divine Mother Mary I ask you to please stay by my side during this psychic oracle card session, ensuring that only God’s love and wisdom come through. Please connect me with the lightworkers who would experience the most shifts into wellness because of my readings.Please bring only high vibrational people into my life and practice.”

-Jackie “Angel”

I Ask

“I ask that everyone who would receive blessings by being with me, be guided to come to my practice today.”

“I ask that God surround me with Divine Success and align me with the reality of Divine Wealth.”

“I ask for angels of wellness, grace, blessings, mercy, and laughter surround me today and touch anyone who crosses my path both energetically and physically.”

“I ask for God to make me whole and complete right now and always.”

“I ask God to send reiki to the whole world and every person on the planet today all day.”

Taken from Jackie “Angel”

Protection Prayer

Father – Mother God,



I ask that I be cleared and cleansed


Within the universal


White Christ light,


The green healing light


And the purple transmuting flame.



Within God’s will


And for my highest good


I ask that any and all negativity (and/or “evil”)



Be completely sealed


In its own light,


Encapsulated within


The ultra-violet light,


Cut off and removed from me



Returned to its source of emanation,


Decreeing that it never again


Be allowed to re-establish itself


Within me or anyone else


In any form.



I now ask that I be placed


Within a triple capsule


Of the universal


White Christ light of protection;


And for this blessing, I give thanks.


Written by the wonderful Jackie “Angel”

May this prayer bless and heal you.