A Lover’s Plea

Look. You could get it if you wanted. You put it on like a glove and flaunt it but really the animal inside hides for fear of exposure. It’s been tamed and chained. But you hit me in a way that makes me want to lay it down right. I’ve told you I loved only […]

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Cry, Baby

My Divine Friend said the weather is mirroring the detoxification that is going on within ourselves and humanity at the moment. If it’s been rocky, you’re not alone. Hang in there. Trust the process, hold the vision. Oh, and dance. That too.

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Stuck at 23

Lately I’ve been thinking that I’m alone That nothing will ever change or get better My hair is long and tangled around inside Like my insides feel and outsides look I’m surely stuck at that boy when 23 There are showdowns and fights in my head tonight I’m looking the past into it’s face squarely […]

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Ripped Paper Questions

Who are you? Why didn’t you visit me or answer my calls? Were you ever concerned about me at all? Would you ever accept my apology? Did those messages come thru and did you record them? Do you blame me for everything the way that I do you? How can we fix this mess? Why […]

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