coming up

coming up

What I don’t like is false people coming on to me

I don’t like lies and I don’t like to tease you see

If you want a piece of me- come see my face

Right now in this time and place

All we got is right now in this present place

I’m trippin’ in my soul that’s who I am

Hittin each corner with a testimony bam

I rep a place that’s holy as hell

It’s sacred what we sale

I gotta lotta love in my heart

Imma give it from the start

This game gonna get reversed

So get all that drama unearthed

You wanna watch me spit this verse

Come to my show and open a chakra

Love on me slow with a gentle nerve

Open your crown and create a merkaba

Oh yeah that good ass prana

Trust me, I do understand ya

Imma blast out this love to yall

Send it in a tidewave out real far

Let’s envision it together now

End the fighting, cease the wars

Create in our minds a better way

Speak from our hearts a kinder day

Free will is our choice to make

There is so much at stake

Choose the good, high red road

The one that leads us home


Stuck at 23


Lately I’ve been thinking that I’m alone

That nothing will ever change or get better

My hair is long and tangled around inside

Like my insides feel and outsides look

I’m surely stuck at that boy when 23

There are showdowns and fights in my head tonight

I’m looking the past into it’s face squarely

You must be true or get to movin’

I’ve had about as much as I can take

But then I recall it’s all about that doll at 23

So now that you know where my heart stands

I ask so kindly of you- how is your heart?

Where can I find you?❤



Dear God/dess:❤🙏

You promised and I believe you. I trust in Your plan but can you throw a girl a rainbow 🌈 ?! It’s time.

Thanks, God.



If I… In this life and In this space.

If I die today, know I loved you

Know I loved you yesterday

And all the yesterday’s prior
And that I will love you more
With every tick of the clock
Moving us into tomorrow.
If I stare too long at you
Treasuring you in this moment
It’s because I have such love
For you in my open heart
And am anxiously awaiting
A soul connection with you
In this life and in this space

American Tears

Together as one nation we stand

Taking heat in our Homeland

For all the sins of this government

We clearly did not vote in

There is undeniable immorality

Because of the house of white’s rigidity

But here we are (all of us) held captives

To their games being played to make us reactive

So we sign the petition and march at rallies

They take our money, programs and allies

This climate change is real

The weather we can all feel

When will we see the future together?

The common oneness of Her

To save ourselves and the planet

For our future and not for profit

These checks and balances falter

This USA must be altered

Tiny cries go unheard for now

But we will have our day somehow

God bless America

God bless the global, new idea


Turning Illusions: First poem

On Knowing

Know me first as first as human:

I breathe, I move, I think

I eat, I bleed, I feel

I sleep, I work, I cry.

Know me second as wo/man:

I’m palpable, I’m soft, I’m sensitive

I’m hard, I’m breakable, I’m concrete

I’m intangible, I’m abstract, I’m poetic.

Know me next as a specific person:

A singular woman in the world,

As unique and beautiful as you,

Searching for eternity and Truth.

Know me like you know the ocean,

Like you know grass, hills, sunlight-

To know the majesty of existence,

Is to love it, honor it, treasure it.

Know me like you know yourself-

The confusion, clarity, the complexity.

Accept what it truly you and you can accept

What is me and what is not.

Know me finally as energy:

Fusion, growth, metamorphosis, decay-

The Earth below and all that is beyond.

Search for your eternity and Truth-

Only then will you know me.

Energy knows God best

As a figment of its imagination.

Energy knows this energy best

When it enters into it-

As Adam first entered Eve,

As daylight first entered twilight,

As water first entered life,

As eternity first entered us.

Copyright 2017 angelicmoonfairy aka Leslie Branscum




Chapbooks from yesteryear

Turning Illusions

Spider Flies and Angel Wings

I wrote these two books in the late 90’s as gifts to my loved ones. My sister and I actually worked on them together. I did most of the work but she did have some input. My boyfriend at the time, Jeff, created the cover art for Spider Flies and Angel Wings.

I only have Turning Illusions in front of me now. I’m reworking it to modernize it and make it less “manic”. Also, my goal is to add more meter and rhyme to almost all the pieces as they are very wild poems at this point. I’d like to tame them, fine tune them and make them more readable. I do appreciate the journey I attempt to take the reader on and want to explore that further. We will see how it goes. The possibility exists of adding these poems into my nonfiction prose piece I’m working on as reader breaks in the narrative. My highest hope and goal is that each poem develops into its own story and energy. I would love it if each poem was strong on its own and held deep meaning in and of itself regardless of the overarching story. Even though that’s where they will be placed for cohesiveness.

Silly Song

Once in a while I feel sort of crazy
and I do things you might think dumb,
like ticklin’ a worm on his underneath
and makin’ him wiggle his thumb.
Then I find a cat and pull it’s trunk
and sing a song with a dog,
and kiss a cow and ride a snake,
and eat my lunch with a hog!!
I don’t believe! I don’t believe it!
Who do you think you are?!
I don’t believe it! I don’t believe it!
You’re carrying things too far!
You’re always tellin’ me stories like this
What’s the matter with you?
I don’t believe it! I don’t believe!
Who needs the wind? There’s you!!



NOTE: Not sure who the author is but I sang this song when I was in 5th grade in the 80’s and always remembered it! I adore these lyrics. So witty and just ridiculous. Fun for kids and silly for everyone!


I can sense the light of the sun beaming into me.

I can feel the root of Mother Earth anchoring me.

Grandmother moon reflects our ancient story.

I let my mind witness itself.

I see that my mind is pure, clean and happy.

I cleanse my mind and clear it with light and love.

I let my heart feel itself.

I feel that my heart is loving, kind and generous.

I gently open my heart with love and light.

I let my soul experience itself.

I can be with my higher self/Divine Source.

I experience these all as true.

I can sense the light of the sun beaming into me.

I can feel the root of Mother Earth anchoring me.

Grandmother moon reflects our ancient story.

In this moment I am attuned to the medicine of Earth.

Take a very deep breath.