1999 SF WEEKLY BIZ JOURNALS SF GATE My best friend passed in August of 2012. I still miss her very much. She passed suddenly. I look back on her business fondly and as her as a mother and a successful business woman. After she discovered her mother’s source of income she was fearful and devastated. […]


New Moon/Chiron

I must let it all go to Source with total acceptance, radical acceptance. It isn’t mine anymore to handle. The Universe must have room to do its thing- to release, to transmute and to make new. I sit in attraction energy now, no longer aggression. I am in the Divine Surrender to what is in […]

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Activating the Lightbody

HIGHEST/CELESTIAL CHAKRAS AA METATRON: STELLAR GATEWAY: Blazing Golden Orange (Mars/Nijele: Peaceful Warrior) Walk the Ascension pathway, Highest Good of All, Ascension Blessing, Brings chakras into position and alignmet AA MARIEL: SOUL STAR CHAKRA: Magenta (Orion: Wisdom of the Universe, Cosmic Wisdom) High Frequency Chakra, Soul Wisdom, Ancestors AA CHRISTIEL: CAUSAL CHAKRA: Personal Moon (Moon: Divine […]

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Lost Scrunchy? Solved.

This is my altered Spring Altar and a blessed pink basket I was going to use for Easter but it is currently holding scrunchies. I think having a basket of hair ties makes life much easier. It’s the little things.

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