Spiritual Mind Treatment

I know and have faith in Jesus Christ of Nazareth and in Christ Consciousness which is available to all. I realize that we are one with this Christ presence. The Divine qualities of Love, peace, joy, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are here within us now. May we embrace them. I am grateful for this spiritual Truth enlightening the world now. My Trust and Faith are with Christ Jesus of Nazareth and in our own Collective Christ Consciousness. I let go and let God. And so it is. It is done. Amen.

Written by angelicmoonfairy

Spiritual Mind Treatment prayer design/outline by Ernest Holmes who wrote Science of Mind and founded Church of Religious Science

American Tears

Together as one nation we stand

Taking heat in our Homeland

For all the sins of this government

We clearly did not vote in

There is undeniable immorality

Because of the house of white’s rigidity

But here we are (all of us) held captives

To their games being played to make us reactive

So we sign the petition and march at rallies

They take our money, programs and allies

This climate change is real

The weather we can all feel

When will we see the future together?

The common oneness of Her

To save ourselves and the planet

For our future and not for profit

These checks and balances falter

This USA must be altered

Tiny cries go unheard for now

But we will have our day somehow

God bless America

God bless the global, new idea


Lanto’s Prayer

In the name of Almighty God
I stand forth to challenge the night,
To raise up the light,
To focus the consciousness of Gautama Buddha!
And I AM the thousand-petaled lotus flame!
And I come to bear it in his name!
I stand in life this hour
And I stand with the scepter of Christ-power
To challenge the darkness,
To bring forth the light,
To ensoul from starry heights
The consciousness of angels, masters, Elohim, sun-centers
And of all of life
That is the I AM Presence of each one!
I claim the victory in God’s name.
I claim the light of solar flame.
I claim the light! I AM the light!
I AM victory! I AM victory! I AM victory!
For the Divine Mother and the Divine Manchild
And for the raising-up of the crown of life
And the twelve starry focal points
That rejoice to see the salvation of our God
Right within my crown,Right within the center of the Sun
Of Alpha—It is done!


by Lord Lanto, 400 B.C.

Courageous Warrior

A courageous warrior is a spiritual warrior, ready to fight for the Divine in all its expressions.

A courageous warrior looks at each person as a divine being and each experience as a divine experience. She leads with her heart, powerfully determined to bring about the best in everyone and everything. A courageous warrior speaks out even when everyone is whispering for her to stay silent. She knows that she is powerfully sourced by something much greater than herself and that she can release the judgements of others. Self-approval becomes secondary to divine approval. A courageous warrior stands armed and ready for anything that life might throw her way- a divorce, the loss of a job, an addiction, a hurricane, an oil spill, a family illness, a deep loss, or a heartbreak- because she is filled and sourced each day by divine love and the knowledge that challenge is part of her journey. She knows that every day she will with love, faith, and courage. She is brave enough to leave behind those who might hinder her success or diminish her value. She is confident enough to reach out to those who can help her win. A courageous warrior doesn’t succumb to the internal demons that would knock her down. Instead she fights for a higher truth- a higher love.

So what is truth? What will give us access to this profound and all-powerful force? Why are we here? The answer to this question may be the very cornerstone of this book and the pulsing heart of my work. We are here for one reason and one reason only: to get closer to the divine force that governs the universe, whether you call that force God, Spirit, Love, or Higher Power.”

From Debbie Ford’s Courage: Overcoming Fear & Igniting Self-Confidence

#mtxforever (KDA on Amazon)

The Mr. T Experience have a warm place in punk rock history and have been around for 30 years. The lead singer-songwriter Dr. Frank (Portman) has written 3 young adult novels: King Dork, Andromeda Klein and King Dork Approximately.
This album is actually a “balbum” in that it is a book and an album. If you buy the book King Dork Approximately you will automatically get the code to the album. Go to the Sounds Radical website for more details.
However, by popular demand, some folks wanted access to just the digital recordings of the album, I assume and thus, here they are.
Enjoy all that is The Mr. T Experience (MTX) and especially the literary, artistically and musically gifted Dr. Frank.



Dear God:

Teach me to remember that You are my help and my shield always. Let me rely on You and not on this world. As we go inward to commune with you, let us feel Your holy presence and be soothed by the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Beginning each day with prayer, we trust that You will guide, guard and protect us and our loved ones throughout the day; that You will align our will with Your higher will for us. We also trust that You will light our path, Father, and show us the way You would have us go. Help us to be of service today to the broken and hurting. Let us minister to those who need to hear Your word today and to each other, fellow believer who might need a word of encouragement. Melt our hearts and mold them into Your way, truth and light. Allow us to remain open, flexible and teachable everyday. Grant us your mercy for we desperately need it, Lord.

Bless this planet and all of its inhabitants. Bless the nature kingdom and heal and restore this most glorious Earth You have created, Lord. We trust in Your Divine plan, timing and order, Lord. We let go of what we do not understand in this world and simply give it to you, Father. Your way, Your truth, Your light will not lead us astray. Together we pray for a new dawn, a new beginning and a new chapter to unfold for humanity but Father, You already know what is best for us so we humbly rest in Your loving hands and say thank you. Thank You for this gift of life. Thank You for our lessons and thank You for our joys. Thank You for love, compassion and for Your glorious Son who saves us all. What an amazing Lord you are. We praise and lift your name on high. We just celebrate You everyday for we are lost without you, Lord. So, thank you for loving us first and for continuing to love us no matter what.

In Jesus’ Name we pray,



I can sense the light of the sun beaming into me.

I can feel the root of Mother Earth anchoring me.

Grandmother moon reflects our ancient story.

I let my mind witness itself.

I see that my mind is pure, clean and happy.

I cleanse my mind and clear it with light and love.

I let my heart feel itself.

I feel that my heart is loving, kind and generous.

I gently open my heart with love and light.

I let my soul experience itself.

I can be with my higher self/Divine Source.

I experience these all as true.

I can sense the light of the sun beaming into me.

I can feel the root of Mother Earth anchoring me.

Grandmother moon reflects our ancient story.

In this moment I am attuned to the medicine of Earth.

Take a very deep breath.

The Mighty Spark of Life

There is something in the way she moves that reminds me of a Goddess, of something free and vibrant, fresh and unlimited. She walks in a stride of confidence, with her head high and her hips swaying with rhythm of respect and power. She speaks boldly and firm yet with a calm demeanor. She glows from the inside out. Her beauty is seen by all who come to lay eyes upon her. It is not a natural beauty but rather a glaring beauty of experience, of time, of patience and of unconditional love. She moves and settles the energy of any room, calms and stills it with her glowing presence. She is indeed a Goddess, yet she is more. She is an Earth Angel. She is a Lightworker and a companion of old souls.
As we become our higher selves, the dance between this world and the next beacons us to play. The next world is the world of the Ascension. It is a return to love and light in its purest forms on all levels. The dichotomy ends for us and the light and goodness and love become all we know. This world some people refer to as Heaven. Indeed, it is. However, this world can be experienced in many realms. It may be experienced on Earth, while transitioning and in Heaven it’s self. Whenever we make the conscious choice to choose and see only the positive, we are experiencing Heaven. Heaven has no dualistic qualities. It is only for love, light, and joy.
Why must we experience fear? Why is there duality? Why is there hate and evil? In our stance it is so we may learn to overcome them. So we may choose again. So we may surmount them and conquer them with the light. Herein lies the essence of Creation. Do you believe in a Higher Power? In a power greater than you? When you really ponder creation, there has to be a Source of all Creation who originated our existence. Some believe we came from apes and others believe in the Big Bang Theory. However, there has to be a Source that originated those propositions. The Mighty Spark of Life, if you will, is the Source of all Creation.