Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am a Child of God.

I am love’s pure light.

I am a healer, teacher, leader, feeling being, spiritual being, writer, coach, friend.

I am light, love, magic and miracles.

I am the essence of you.

I am what I choose to be.

I am becoming the best me in each moment that I can be.

I am learning everyday.

I am dancing with the Universe.

I am a meditating moment.

I am a mother, sister, daughter, wife, aunt, cousin, lover, friend.

I am nothing and everything.

I am endless possibilities.

I am as God created me to be.

I am wanting to be more of me.

I am trusting the process, holding the vision.

I am learning to let go so I can live fully in the present.

I am forgiving and forgiven.

I am understanding and understood.

I am creating the reality that is my world.

I am gentle with myself and all others.

I am a truth-teller.

I am a magic-maker.

I am a dream believer.

I am a moon gazer.

I am a kindred spirit.

I am one with the Universe and my Creator.

I am unique and special.

I am a work in progress.

I am a child in the garden.


I am my deepest desires.

As is your desire,

So is your intention,

As is your intention,

So is your will,

As is your will,

So is your deed,

As is your deed,

So is your destiny.

Notes: “Who Am I?” poem by californiamoon, inspired by Day 1 meditation from Oprah and Deepak on their 21-day meditation challenge entitled, Desire and Destiny. Hindu saying and following poem quoted from material presented during meditation by Deepak. Please join us in the meditation challenge!


Meditation Practice

zenMy energy is sensitive. I know this. Yet, I find myself forgetting to anchor in everyday and wonder why I’m scattered energetically and emotionally at the end of the day. I’ve posted three mindful meditations that I’ve been doing on a daily basis below in the post below the Marianne Williamson one. Doing these three key meditations have helped me to bounce off fear, seal my aura and ground daily. They’ve also allowed me to move from my head to my heart. Additionally, they’ve helped me to process some of my emotional pain and suffering that I’ve been experiencing due to key losses in my life. The key for me is to live in the present moment with a quiet mind. That is when I feel the most peaceful, calm and happy. Ah, but how to get there, right?

For me, it’s all about centering, grounding and shielding energetically early in the morning. Then, processing as much of the fear and pain as I can for the day to get into joy. I like to end the session of guided meditation with prayer and an oracle card reading. All of this takes time and a lot of it. However, it feels good to my body and being and I enjoy doing it. When I don’t the results are a bad day almost inevitably. When I connect with my guides, with Source, with the other worldly, I feel mostly myself. Out of this world or other worldly is mostly at home to me. Can you relate?

It’s bringing that loving, peaceful, amazing spiritual energy back to Earth and loving Gaia back to health. I believe that is part of why I am here. It feel like my mission, my purpose, my calling. People in the world need love. So does every living thing: plant, rocks, trees, animals, food, etc. The more we can love and honor ourselves, the more we have to give love to others in our life and in the world. Be kind, extra kind, to ourselves for we are a children of God who are more precious than we ever imagined. When the negativity comes, and it will, let’s do our best to counteract it with positive thoughts. Picture our minds saying: “Cancel, clear, delete.” Then think: “Rainbows, butterflies, fairies!”

Picture our minds glowing with a yellow ball around it and saying to ourselves: “I am thinking clearly. Negativity is gone. My mood is brightening. My mood is positive.” Affirmations work. So does visualization. Let’s see ourselves happy, with a smile on our face. Visualize our heads and hearts connecting and becoming unified. Balance our minds and hearts. See ourselves feeling fresh and positive. Even if you don’t believe it, the Universe conspires to attract to us that which we affirm and visualize and eventually, come to believe. If you affirm and visualize this enough, you will believe it as true!

Even if we just take 5 minutes to sit in the silence it’s better than not anchoring at all. As Lightbeings we must attend to Lightworking and our spiritual selves just as much as we attend to our physical or emotional needs. Meditating and praying should come as second nature to me now. For some reason, I still struggle to get going with them but once I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll.