Full moon in Virgo


Twin Flame Decree

Holy Spirit, Avatars, Maha Avatars, Guardians, Guides and all Spirit Helpers of the Highest Divine Light and Love for the Twin Flame Collective:

Calling forth unconditional love for ourselves and our counterparts. Love is patient. Love is kind. 

Calling in union with ourselves and with our counterparts. May the body be made one. May the soul unite. 

Blessing the path of Love and Light that spirals into the enlightenment of the mind, the opening of the Heart and the sovereignty of spirit. 

Make straight our paths to the heart of our beloved. Open a door, grant a miracle and bestow a blessing for the rising up of flames and the ultimate union with our counterpart in this life, here and now. 

Surrendering to the highest timeline for the unification of all twin flame souls in this group collective, knowing we are not alone in our purpose or missions, we relax into trusting the process and open possibilities for our greatest desire to manifest. 

Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

Thank you, Spirit for we know your will is always good and that your mysterious ways continue to lead us home to our hearts. In our hearts the Beloved remains and in alchemizing this tender space we inevitably see them materialize in our lives. 

Soften us. Heal us. Unify us. 


Blessed Be.