Feminine Power Gathering: The 3 Keys to Feminine Power

Feminine Power Gathering: The 3 Keys to Feminine Power

I joined the call last night. Boy, I learned a lot. The class is about $400 and I’m very tight month-to-month and can’t afford to take it. 😦 I wish I could. They do offer a 3-installment plan of $150 per month. I’m trying to figure out a way to stretch and afford that. I’m a single mom on disability so, I’m contemplating quitting cable to afford this. It’s a 7-week program with tons of interesting information about how we, as women, view ourselves in the world. They talk a lot about our internal dialogue and how it affects our lives. Instead of stuffing our feelings or using male dominating submission, we should heed our emotions and then use our higher consciousness to have a dialogue with the various parts of ourselves. I love what these women had to say. The initial call is free. It ran about an our and a half and really, they explain the entire program in the initial call but they leave you really wanting to go deeper with them. It’s worth a listen and the inspiration they bring! I loved how they brought me to a new space with own inner dialogue in just little over an hour. Powerful!