Walking Barefoot With God

We are divided where we need to be as one people. There are millions of people without water, food or medical care all over the world. Countries are collapsing, earthquakes, Tsunamis, floods, tornadoes are all occurring. All of us must see that a change is happening on our planet in many ways. We are on one planet and we are one people. The quest to disarm and heal Mother Earth is a quest for human enlightenment and the dawn of a new sun rising.

All of us came here with a grand design. We are all creatures naturally curious. We go down certain paths that we know we should not be going down. When you talk to God, He can help you straighten out the mess you’re in and help you find a better path.

I believe if we allow ourselves to take a deeper look at who we truly are then we can begin our healing journey. You will be able to find out what you truly believe in. Then, you will be able to make the choice in which direction you are going. Your spiritual path is filled with wonderment, great love and compassion for the Earth, for your brothers and sisters, and for all of nature. You will find that we are all one and it is all God.

Change is something we all have to deal with. It is a part of life that we all have to go through. Change is such a peculiar transition in life. Sometimes it creeps up on you when you least expect it. Sometimes it arrives and then you need to make a quick decision. There’s also change that is staring you straight in the face and you really aren’t sure how or what to do with it. I think that in all of these instances we meet God. When we run out of ideas, scenarios and “what if’s”, there is nothing else to soothe the pain or encourage us except God. When you bring God into your life, God is food for your soul.

When we begin to see that we need to make a change, we usually realize that there is something bigger and greater than ourselves. We may not know what that is! There comes a time that the way we’ve been living our life doesn’t work anymore. Doing the same thing and coming up with the same answer means it’s time to look at change.

God fills you with joy, hope and faith. You come to make a sweet melody with God. The part where you and God meet is when you surrender. When you run out of what you can do, God does the rest. What’s so beautiful is that the opportunity is always there. It always has been and always will be. We have to go through life bumping our heads against the wall enough to realize that we don’t have the answers. There is something bigger and greater than us.

When that connection is made it is such a restful place because during a transition it is a time when we need to rest and regroup so God gives us rest and transformation. Change is a choice. If you are working with God, the benefits of the wonderful song you can make with Him are profound to bring forth a new day. We, however, have many distractions. Those distractions are our feelings, thoughts, attitudes, resentments and being in the illusion, just to name a few. Change is where we have the most growth and derive the most gifts. It is when we step into the void, the deepest parts of ourselves, that change can occur. We get involved in situations where we have to make choices that are sometimes not in our highest of good and sometimes are in our highest of good. Sometimes our choices are to remain still. Sometimes are choices are made for us. Sometimes our choices just are.

When we get into these different situations when change is occurring, they are our greatest opportunity for our prosperity. We can make choices that will help us grow. Even if the choice is not the best choice, we will still be growing from it. You can’t make, in essence, a bad choice. This is something God explained this way, He said, “I have you on a course and you are making choices all the time. You are my child. I love you unconditionally and you are going to make good choices and you are going to make bad choices. You are going to learn from either choice. Some choices you are going to learn the easy way. Some choices you are going to learn the harder way. Some choices you are going to learn in a more powerful way on a soul level that will bring you closer to me on a spiritual level.”

As God explained it to me, the changes in our lives, they are kind of like colleges courses. You don’t get a letter grade. It’s not like a pass or fail grade. With God, it’s either going to be grow or grow more. Either way, you’re growing and that’s what we are doing here: growing. For every choice that we make, there is a response. Life moves along on its course. God just wants us to talk with Him about everything and anything. Make a promise to make God first in your life.

You have many choices but at that point, you want to pick the right choice that’s going to help you go along further on your path, not the one that won’t. There is nothing too big or small for God to handle. When you turn everything over to God, He will work everything out. You may have an idea of how it should work out but God has the master plan of how it’s going to work out. It will be even better than you could have imagined.

When realizing that you are not your circumstances, emotions, feelings, thoughts, or anything around you, a personal release occurs. Then, a vision of your spiritual self will emerge. Through looking at the lessons, the ways that you live, by listening to God and by being obedient, you will go to a higher dimension. Where are we without God?

We have to live in and through love. This is what God said to do: “love one another as I have loved you. Love thy neighbor as you would love thyself.” It’s quite simple. You will transcend from the world of the cardinal self to your spiritual self. In the spiritual world there is no time and there are no limitations on your potential through the power of the Creator.

Receive the word of God within you from the loving Father because you stand on God’s promises of pure loving, warm energy. Everything is going to be alright. It always is. It always will and it always has been. You are taken care of through this life. You are well cared for and loved. You will be given the Keys to the Kingdom.

I love you more than most, my beloved Child of God. You are special and precious in my sight. If only you knew how beautiful you really are. Please believe how much I love you and wish I could show you the beauty in you and in the world, if only you would see. The flowers, the butterflies, the grass, the sunsets, the sky, the molehill, the ant all exist for you to care for and enjoy. Why don’t you take heed of them today and praise my name?”

We are looking at things one dimensional. God is looking at the whole picture or situation and seeing the best solution. God is the author of peace not the author of confusion. When we find ourselves in situations where we are in such confusion that is when the enemy has gotten into our heads, telling us, “You’re not good enough.” or, “This won’t work out.” This is not God. Love and hate cannot occupy the same space at the same time. This is a natural progression as you delve deep into your prayer life with God and start asking Him for help. You begin to see how you can get the answers that you want by listening to the right voice and that voice is the voice of love.

Paying attention to what you are thinking about and keeping your emotions in check and not having “stinking thinking,” which we all have on occasion and the toxic tongue: we have to monitor ourselves, this is our job. We must watch what we say and do. The enemy can come in at any time and get in there and tell us all the things that we are doing wrong and beat us up or, take us off course. What God does is come in to deliver a course correction through illuminating the path of love.

The time has come to remember who you are. You are a child of God entitled to a holy heritage of love, peace, grace and joy. The Creator cares about you and wants you to live the life of your dreams. God cares for the children He ushered into this world.

God is everywhere and in everything. We must look at how we must move away from the consciousness of the flesh (ego and fear). We must let go and let God. Begin to create a love walk with God and learn to enter into the co-creative process of beauty and magnificence. It will save not just your life but all of us, and the planet.

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